King Arthur Answer 3


*2. What Arthur-related location is pictured above?

Glastonbury Tor




If we could rise above this location in a helicopter, we’d see the waves of the North Atlantic breaking against the rugged Cornish coastline stretching to our left and right and all around the headland of Tintagel. The ruins in this image are from Tintagel Castle, built in the 13th century by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, to establish a connection with the Arthurian legend.

The promontory is connected to the mainland by an isthmus that collapsed some time before 1540, taking part of Tintagel Castle with it. In the upper middle of the picture, the outer and upper wards of the castle lie on the mainland, and in the lower left you can see ruins of the castle on the promontory. Sub-Roman ruins and archaeological finds on the headland indicate a wealthy and powerful individual lived here ca. 6th century.

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