The Last Gonzo Joy Ride to the End of the Galaxy

Testicleeze and Damitol are about to undergo the change of flork so they steal a hop-junger for one last adventure. This page includes a glossary of terms used during the joy ride.GonzoWeb

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Gonzo Words

Blork (cycle) – noun, standard day

Brackzigging forbicous – exclamation, absolutely fantastic

Bulviate – verb, strong curse word

Chortzel – noun, a color in the ultraviolet

Crangsot – noun, derogatory term for female

Flitch – verb, to hop about nervously, said of an aura

Flork – verb, go through the change of state

Gloxflit – noun, remote control for plarting back to ship

Grinzat – noun, a functionary of many stripes

Hop-junger – noun, an small interstellar jump vehicle

Junger – noun, any interstellar jump vehicle (slides between dimensions, slips locally)

Klapwad – noun, derogatory term for male

Plart – verb, to beam somewhere

Quadrille – noun, a color in the far infrared

Trizortium – noun, compact energy source

Types of Beings

Mewber –a catlike creature of matter

Qualler – a crablike (10 claws) creature of matter and energy

Shizgo – a pure energy being. No one understands them

Whizding – a storklike flying creature of matter and energy

Real Slang or Should Be

Amusenate – act to amusement of

Bodacious – excellent

Bonzer – excellent, awesome, cool

Brill – brilliant

Dopeless – dopey and hopeless

Gobsmacked – astounded

Humongous – huge

Mondo – lots, a huge number

Mugly – mug ugly

Num-one – number one

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