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Discover a Few Old Gems You Need to Read

CoinsHave you heard the story of the coin that is accidentally left behind in a foreign country? The shilling knows that it’s good, honest, and true, but in this country it is yelled at and called false and counterfeit. It feels even worse when the people who discovered it in their pockets pass it to others in the dark, so in the light of the next day it is again called worthless. Now, imagine its pleasure when it’s finally returned to its own country, where it is hailed for its honest picture of the beloved king.

If you recognize that story, then you know “The Silver Shilling,” by Hans Christian Andersen. I found it charming, even if it’s not as famous as some of his other stories. His most notable tale is “The Little Mermaid,” but you might not recognize that tale in the original. Continue reading Discover a Few Old Gems You Need to Read

Time Passes Oddly in The Three Musketeers

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Three Musketeers. But if you’re a bit on the compulsive side, like me, you might’ve noticed that occasionally book-time passes more quickly than you’re expecting.

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t read The Three Musketeers but plan to, note that there are significant plot points discussed here.







A French village. © Dennis Owusu-ansah | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Continue reading Time Passes Oddly in The Three Musketeers